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Competitions and Awards

After its world premiere at the Film Festival Max Ophüls Preis 2013, TALEA wins the directing award of the main competition "Preis der Saarländischen Ministerpräsidentin" – the award of the Saarland Prime Minister - 2013

The Jury’s statement: "TALEA is a small film that tells a great story in a sensitive way. It’s about a girl, an outsider, that sets out to find her mother and is even bearing humiliation when fighting for her love and appretiation. Director Katharina Mückstein trusts the spirit of her characters, their power, their gestures, the spaces in between and what lies beyond the language. She resigns from pathos and effect, she does not comment, she leads her actresses Sophie Stockinger and Nina Proll with fine psychology We wish for the director to continue her work in such an uncompromising way."

We would like to thank the festival management and the jury and once more all those who worked with us on this film.